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Is your Business Ready For Christmas?

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Is your Business Ready For Christmas?

Christmas is almost upon us again. If you’re fretting over how unprepared your business was last year, stay calm.

We have a business checklist to make sure your business is not left choking on the dust kicked up by all the consumers passing you buy.

First, we need to lift the lid to show what’s cooking. Don’t blink, these are important points.

  1. Christmas spending can account for as much as 30% of annual sales for some businesses.
  2. Around 60% of online purchases are being made using smartphones.
  3. The more successful retailers at Christmas time, play the aces in their hand — those products that practically sell themselves. This ensures their marketing effort is well spent.

Bending The Rules

Consider selling some products at a loss, while selling other items to the same customers at profit. Think of the business model that sells cheap printers but expensive inks.

At this time of year, you might want to try bending other rules you’ve set for yourself.

You could, for example, lower your margins for a limited time. You might like to sell 100 items netting you $1 profit each, than 10 items at $5 profit each.

If you think your market is good for it, go hard. Just make sure to do your sums properly. Be sure to add in your digital marketing spend.

As long as it’s profits you’re making, worst case scenario will probably be having to include a disclaimer: “only while stocks last”.

The Checklist

Now, having established a focus for your Christmas Sale, it’s checklist time:

  1. Make sure your digital marketing is optimised for mobile — your imagery, text descriptions, emails, website landing pages and links, etc.
  2. Clean up your customer email list. Prepare your email offer/s. Make sure your emails are worth reading. Include a sense of urgency. For example: “Buy before 10 Dec to ensure delivery before Christmas.”
  3. Theme your social media posts. Along with trying to sell a product or two, you want good branding and loyalty to result.
  4. Consider Google Ads. Unless you are very experienced wit managing Google Ads campaigns, it’s highly recommended you engage the services of someone else who is.
  5. Figure out how to make shipping a ‘no brainer’ for your customers—at the very least, for your Christmas specials. Potential sales can fall at the finish-line if shipping is not clear and simple.
  6. Along with friendly, informative text descriptions, use good images. Now is not the time for fuzzy and badly-lit images.
  7. Final tip: keep a diary of what you’re doing right up until your Christmas Sale ends. That way, next year (perhaps slightly earlier in the calendar), you’ll see where improvements can be made.

One More Thing…

Christmas does come with its own momentum. But it’s not the only game in town. These are strategies, with only slight adjustment, can be used any time you wish.

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