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Shopping on Instagram is Marketing Gold

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Shopping on Instagram is Marketing Gold

Every day the number rises but more than 500 million users get on Instagram every day. We’re looking at north of 800 million active monthly users. And before you glaze over thinking this is a US-based phenomenon, 80% of Instagram users are from other countries.

There are 9 million monthly active Instagram users in Australia. But feel free to think globally.

Going by US stats, 26% of men use Instagram while 38% of women use the platform. In the US, 18-29-year-olds comprise 59% of users, followed by 30-49-year-olds, who account for 33%.

Users spend a good amount of time on Instagram— 32 minutes a day for under 25-year-olds, 24 minutes a day for over-25s.

A further incentive—63% of US Instagram users earn more than $50,000 a year

The Kicker

The penny has dropped—Instagram is now a shopping channel!

Instagram posts can now include shoppable tags that allow users to simply click your products and shop for them. A tagged shopping post means consumers get instant access to information about your product, as well as immediate in-app purchasing.

They can even browse a “shop” feed, right under your Instagram profile.

Shopping on Instagram is open for business in 9 countries so far—United States, Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, or Australia.

The Instagram people tell us: “…people can go from inspiration to information and purchase in just a few taps, and do so in a way that’s organic to the Instagram experience.”

How Do I Get Started with Instagram Shoppable Posts?

Before you can start, check off this list:

  1. You must be located in the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain or Brazil.
  2. Make yourself an Instagram Business account, if you haven’t already.
  3. Get the latest version of the Instagram app on either iOS or Android.
  4. You need to be selling physical goods that comply with Instagram’s merchant agreement and commerce policies.
  5. Connect your business profile to a Facebook catalog. (This can also be created through Shopify or BigCommerce.)

3 Set-up Steps

  1. Create a Facebook Catalog with Facebook Business Manager

Create a new catalog from the Business Manager account that owns the Facebook Page linked to your Instagram business account. Alternatively, select an existing catalogue you’d like to use with shopping on Instagram.

  1. Select your preferred option: ‘Check out on Facebook’ or ‘Check out on another website’

As of writing, the “Message to Buy” option doesn’t work with Instagram shoppable posts.

Choosing the Facebook option, enables customers to purchase products on your Facebook Page. For this to work, you’ll need a PayPal or Stripe account.

Alternatively, you might prefer to send customers to your e-commerce site.

Clicking the Shop tab enables a US Business Facebook Page to have a Shop Section. If you’re a US-Facebook user and you don’t see the Shop tab, follow these steps.

  1. Connect Your Product Catalog to Your Instagram Account

When you’ve completed the above steps, your account will be reviewed by Instagram. Approval for shoppable Instagram posts takes anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Once approved, you’ll see a notification in your Instagram business profile. You can then go to the Shopping section in your Instagram settings, tap on Products and select the product catalog to connect to your business profile.

Tap Done to finish.

Shopping can be done inside the Instagram app or, as the image above-right shows, completed at the linked store.

How to Tag Products with Instagram Shoppable Posts

Now your Instagram sales channel is set up, you can start tagging shoppable posts on Instagram in the Share screen.

Similar to tagging users, tagging products is dead simple. Start by tapping Tag Products, then select the products in the photo you wish to tag. Next, enter the names of the products to be tagged—select as they appear in the search box.

Tap Done when you’re finished and share your post.

Now you can tag products in your posts and direct traffic to your checkout page. This really is a game changer!

Top Shopping on Instagram Tips

  • Use Stories to let your audience know they can now shop your posts.
  • Encourage your audience to explore by tagging multiple products.
  • Activate the Shop tab by creating at least 9 shopping posts on your Instagram business profile.
  • Mix it up by using different shopping formats—tag a single image or a carousel.
  • Make sure your tags touch the right product, so shoppers are in no doubt as to which product is being referred to.


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