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Live Chat Service

live chat service

Live Chat Service

Want to increase sales? Add real-time online conversations to your website. Local Web Chat is a live chat  service platform and sales tool for your business.

How does adding a Live Chat Service to your website benefit you?

Promoting your business costs money. Every hour of the day, there is increased pressure to beat your competition online. It is essential that digital advertisers have successful marketing strategies in place in order to specifically target website visitors and convert them into customers. Adding a live chat service to your website helps you convert every website visitor into a contact who then becomes a new customer. Local Web Experts helps convert advertising clicks into valuable leads using our own Live Chat App – Local Web Chat.

With the potential to provide advertisers with a better return on their advertising budget, Local Web Chat enables a 24/hour-7/day ‘live’ online conversation between your business and your customers. This technology uses Instant Message (IM) Chat to help answer questions and provide important information to potential customers visiting your website.

Local Web Chat Is Unique

Local Web Chat is ideal for consumers who regularly shop online or who don’t have time to wait in telephone hold queues. Initiating instant contact with your business via your website helps to increase connection with your site during the critical online “shop, compare and select” stage. Statistics show a definite growth in leads after adding chat to websites.

You Don’t Need To Be Online For Local Web Chat

Most small to medium businesses won’t have the capacity to hold their own chat operations on their website as IM requires dedicated resources 24/7. This is where Local Web Chat comes in, offering a complete turnkey solution to advertisers to help boost profits. We provide the software and the sales agent. We turn your visitors into customers.

Local Web Experts can customise the look and feel of the chat window

The IM chat window, along with the chat invitation, can both be suited to your business.

The chat invitation can be custom animated and its appearance on the site can be delayed.

How often does Local Web Chat monitor your website?

The Local Web Chat contact centre is available 24/7 for your business purposes. The bonus is that Local Web Chat has a real live chat agent attending to enquiries 24 hours, 7 days a week. The agent has been provided with certain business information so they can effectively represent your business and assist with the customer qualification process.