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Copywriting Services

copywriting services

Copywriting Services

Copywriting Is An Essential Ingredient In Your Online Marketing Strategy

Win business with the right content for your website! If you have a fantastic service or product to offer, don’t lose clients over wishy-washy website content. New visitors to your site, who’ve never dealt with your business, will only engage further if you’re sending the right message.

Keep Visitors On Your Site

Potential customers need to have their queries answered quickly and effectively for them to choose to use your products or services. Statistics show that if you can’t capture their interest within the first few seconds of them landing on your site, they will leave. Therefore your website needs to set out clear, concise information that is easy to read and understand.

Make Your Business Sound Professional

Local Web Experts can help you promote your brand by producing compelling website content that pinpoints your brand message effectively. Whether you’re starting your website from scratch or you want to revamp the information on your current site and make it more SEO-friendly or more relevant to your target audience, we provide a web page copywriting service that targets your primary audience and uses appropriate keywords to help boost your page rankings.

Content Editing Services

If you have produced your own website content and would like it professionally proofread and finetuned, our Australian-based LWE copywriter can help put your best business message forward. We listen to your needs and formulate your ideas, products and/or services into highly palatable content.

Our Service Is Personalised To Your Specific Needs

Based on your business requirements, LWE will work with you to ensure your website message best positions you to convert clicks into profit.

Professional Testimonials

LWE’s Australian-based in-house copywriter, Jennifer McCarthy, has more than two decades of copywriting/editing/content managing experience. The following testimonials are evidence of her capabilities:

“Jennifer wrote our newsletters, blogs, client testimonials and also edited our knowledgebase articles and online content. She is extremely efficient in what she does and could be relied upon to make us look professional. I love the way she could decipher my notes and turn the text into readable pieces that appealed to our clients. Jennifer also fitted easily into our team. While she was only in the office once a week, the staff regarded her as part of the team.”
Tracey V, Website & Marketing Specialist, Gold Coast

“I found Jennifer to be thorough and meticulous about producing relevant and extremely clean copy for our website, and would highly recommend her skills as a writer and proofreader.”
Lauren H, New Venture Guru, Gold Coast

“When Jennifer was with us at Woman’s Day, I found her to be thorough and exacting in her work. She was a perfectionist and refused to hand in shoddy work – and she never missed a deadline. Her creative flair and keen eye for detail helped contribute to what is the best-selling weekly magazine in Australia.”
Beryl G, Former Chief Subeditor @ Woman’s Day

“Jennifer is a razor-sharp content editor with a forensic passion for grammatical correctness, which spills into her conversational life. She works quickly and effectively to iron out a piece of writing into flawless and publish-ready perfection. I wouldn’t publish without her casting an eye. Both left- and right-brained, as a writer Jennifer is imaginative and spontaneous, entertaining and original – and quick.”
Anna W, Sydney Writer & Author