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Call Tracking

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Call Tracking

What is Call Tracking

Call tracking is a powerful tool for any business as it is a way of measuring phone calls generated from your advertising campaign or SEO. You are provided with an online reporting dashboard, which enables you to listen to calls coming into your business, capturing the quality of a customer being delivered by your Local Web Experts online campaign.

Listen To Your Sales Staff In Action

For example, Local Web Experts has client in Perth that constructs patios. The client wondered why his sales leads had dropped. After listening intently to calls that had been tracked, the client was able to determine the number of flaws within his internal sales process. Once this was addressed, leads increased by 40% within just one week. This is only one example of the power of call tracking.

Local Web Experts Call Tracking Services

  • Local Web Experts tracks all online campaigns, such as PPC, SEO, Facebook, Retargeting (remarketing), as well as offline, such as yellow pages and radio, from one simple login.
  • We decipher what keywords, digital channels and sources are driving calls to your website.
  • Local Web Experts digital call tracking can be integrated with Google analytics, which will enable you to analyse the effectiveness of your website.


Talk To A Call Tracking Expert Today

Our team can have your call tracking set up and running in a day! Improve your customer service, listen to sales calls and track exactly which marketing activities are getting the phone to ring! Call us on 1300 397 607 or send us your details for more information today.