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PPC Case Study: Australian Skin Clinics

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PPC Case Study: Australian Skin Clinics

About Our Client

Australian Skin Clinics began their journey in 1996, bringing the first ever medi-aesthetic spa to Queensland. Their injectable, skin correcting, hair removal and fat reduction treatments have since revolutionised the way the country thinks about non-surgical aesthetic-improving treatments. 22 years later, they remain at the  forefront of cosmetic and aesthetic services.

While Australian Skin Clinics may not have become a franchise business until 2011, they quickly grew to 27 locations by 2016, and now are pushing close to 50 (at time of writing) locations across Australia. So, how did they do it? As well as being a leader in their eld, they were one of the rst in their industry to really utilise the power of Google to take their services online.

Problem 1:

Due to Australian Skin Clinics being a cosmetic services provider, they are bound by a Personalised Advertising policy restricting their ability to build audiences. For a growing business, not being able to run a remarketing campaign on the Google Display Network could mean they miss out on a fair portion of conversions and new customers.

Our Solution

As our ability to remarket or build an audience were not available due to Personalised Advertising restrictions, Local Web Experts had to seek another way to nd out who their audience was and how to reach them. In the beginning, we used position-based attribution to see exactly what users were searching for prior to booking an appointment with our client. By seeing the upper funnel keywords, we were able to tailor their PPC display ads to re ect exactly what the searcher wanted. This way, we could reach the desired audience without the need for remarketing.

For example, in a campaign we ran for the Robina clinic from November 2014 to date, we were able to showcase Australian Skin Clinics’ a ordable laser hair removal, natural-looking anti-wrinkle treatments and that they were open 7 days a week—all things their potential clients were looking for, according to our keyword research.

Now we knew who their audience was, we could run more speci c campaigns to target their main audience demographic. This led to an increased growth, allowing Australian Skin Clinics to expand their name even further throughout Australia.

Problem 2

This brings us to the next problem we faced with establishing Australian Skin Clinics’ digital marketing presence. With 70.97% of their audience viewing their ads and website from a mobile device, we faced the problem of turning micro-moments into conversions. Their audience wanted results and they wanted them now. Add to the fact their audience was 86% female, we had to be very speci c and targeted with our tactics.

Our Solution

This was de nitely one of our most challenging tasks. Our solution was to drive the tra c away from generic landing pages to the speci c location page, where the visitor could book their consultation right then and there. They could see when their local Australian Skin Clinics were open, how to call them, their email address and any o ers or treatments speci c to that location. This change resulted in lead generation and conversion rates up by 150%.

Problem 3:

With 48 clinics and growing, Australian Skin Clinics decided to implement a per-state allocation budget speci cally for the Google AdWords platform. With up to 17 clinics in Queensland, 18 clinics in New South Wales, 11 clinics in Victoria and 1 each in South Australia and Western Australia, it made sense. However, each clinic had its own needs, so setting a strategy for each state as a whole created its own problem—we had to delve deeper than state level. We needed to ensure each location had its own display ad campaign suited to its own audience and results.

Our Solution

To make it easier for both us and the client to see where they were investing their online advertising funds, we created an individual campaign for each of the clinics. We then created a campaign group for each of the clinics within that state. It became very clear what states were getting the most results, needing more funds allocated or where their ROI wasn’t as high. By channeling their budget into the right places, we were able to help each of their locations grow.

Problem 4:

As the business grew—and fast—our team at Local Web Experts had to nd a way to make tracking their ROI and adjusting bids simpler. With so many locations to manage, we didn’t want to waste the client’s marketing budget on the manpower to manage such a large amount of work. We’d rather make our clients more money.

Our Solution

Our Gold Coast-based team set to work creating a custom bid-to-position script that would take away the need for manual adjustments to maintain an optimal average position of a keyword.

Our Results

Through the calculated decisions of our team at Local Web Experts and the quality of services provided at Australian Skin Clinics, we were able to help their business grow from a single clinic to an unstoppable franchise force. To prove it, they went from number 19 in the 2014 BRW Fast Starters Top 100 category to number 2 in just 2 years. They’ve also been the national nalist for the 2014 Emerging Franchise category in the FCA Excellence in Franchising Awards and the 2014 nalist for the Queensland Multi-site Franchise of the Year.

Through understanding their audience and directing tra c to location-speci c web pages, we’ve lowered their CPA and increased their conversions. We’ve overcome obstacles others in our industry, and theirs in the health sector, have been unable to do.

Australian Skin Clinics currently stands with 48 locations across 5 states. While they’ve had to work hard to get online and stay online, it isn’t hard to predict with the right guidance, they will be able to continue to grow both online and in the marketplace.

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