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Mobile Friendly Websites To Be Rewarded With Higher Rankings

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Mobile Friendly Websites To Be Rewarded With Higher Rankings

Here at Local Web Experts, we are dedicated to the ongoing success of our clients therefore we have some news to pass on that may affect your SEO rankings.

As of April 21, 2015, Google will launch a new algorithm designed to benefit “mobile friendly” websites. With the use of smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices growing exponentially over the past few years, Google wants to improve the user experience by rewarding businesses with websites that are easier to navigate on these devices.

The recent changes to Google’s algorithms mean you will be penalised for not having mobile-optimised sites by receiving a lower ranking in Google searches. However, it will not affect your Google Ads campaign, only your organic ‘natural’ rankings on a mobile device.

This means that Google mobile searches will favour ‘mobile responsive’ websites. So if your website isn’t rendered for mobile phones and tablets, any of your competitors that do have mobile-friendly sites will be listed above yours in Google searches.

Google has about 500-600 algorithm updates every year (some larger than others) in order to benefit users and help keep businesses in line when it comes to looking after their customers. While unlocking the secrets of the algorithms may be like searching for the Holy Grail, Google is ever helpful about letting their audience know how these algorithm changes will affect you, your business and your customers.

Like any technical device – mobile phone, laptop, desktop, etc – which eventually requires updating, websites will often require tweaks to keep you ahead of or at least in line with your competitors.

See for yourself! You can check if your website is mobile optimised by heading to the Google test site and keying in your URL address. If a customer were to search for your site and find the links too tiny, the text too small to read or they had to scroll sideways to see all the content on their mobile phone, then this means your site is not mobile-friendly.

While you’re at it, check out the Local Web Experts website on your smartphone or tablet to see what a mobile-friendly site looks like. If you find your website is not rendered for mobile searches, please feel free to contact the friendly, professional team at Local Web Experts for advice.

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