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Why SEO Is Important

Why SEO Is Important

So you’ve paid for a great website and now it’s sitting there, somewhere, in the midst of all the other kitchen renovation experts or curtains and blinds specialists or plumbers or whatever your profession may be. It may not be on the first page of a search page ranking, but you love your website. You think it looks great! Only problem is that no one else does because they can’t see it. This is why SEO is important.

75% of internet users don’t scroll past Page One of Google

With 75% of internet users never scrolling past the first page of search engine results, you’re missing a lot of potential customers if you’re not right up there on that first page.

People Trust Organic Listings

People trust organic listings – or the SEO (search engine optimisation) content – because it encompasses your website’s relevance to its product and services. SEO provides you with the opportunity to tell your story and sell your business in what we call a “meta description”.
See the snippet below? This consists of a Meta Title (in purple), a URL link (green) and a meta description (black). This information is what will drive traffic to click on your website above your competition. Without SEO they can look quite a mess!

meta description example

SEO drives more conversions than direct marketing or mail (letterbox) marketing

Direct mail and print advertising are the dinosaurs when it comes to comparing results with digital marketing. Close rates for SEO leads are roughly 18.6%, while ‘dinosaur’ marketing only closes about 1.7%.

Internet Marketing has never seen better value for money than the comprehensive suite of SEO packages provided by Local Web Experts (LWE).

LWE has a team of search engine marketing professionals, who’ve spent years working in digital marketing and online advertising and understands the genre’s fluidity, as well as the urgency for your business to get up to speed with this online evolution.

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