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Power Of Video Marketing

Video marketing is the new catchphrase taking over the digital advertising industry, with its ability to pull potential customers at an exponential rate.

Video automatically gives your website more punch on page rankings, making it a valuable tool to help businesses build their brand.

Reports state that compared to the average 5 seconds people remain on web pages, video will keep them there for another 15 seconds on top of that – meaning you have 20 seconds to make an impression.

Video is also more likely to be shared on social media, which can get your message to hundreds, even thousands of viewers within minutes, especially if you have a compelling video message.

You’ve most likely already seen how universal video marketing can be. Most YouTube videos now begin with an ad before the actual short is played, giving the ad a wider target reach.

A Picture Says A Thousand Words
This well-known adage rings very true on social mediasuch as Facebook and Twitter, whereby a video gives a quick overview of a product or service without inundating viewers with text.

More and more businesses are searching for ways to make outstanding, creative videos that offer a great message – enabling the video content a better chance to go viral.

Video production doesn’t have to cost the earth, with huge budgets spent on premium-quality film production and editing. The latest smartphones and iPads have all the technology and apps you need to make high-quality video.

To tease your audience and boost interest, you could compile a video marketing ‘series’, whereby you give your audience information little by little to keep them hanging on and wanting to know “what happens next”.

Work with the team at Local Web Experts to create a captivating and convincing video message, whereby script and content are key. We have proven results and solid analytics in the area of video marketing.

Local Web Experts Loves to Give Stuff Away
If you have video content just lying around on your computer or phone, waiting for the magic to happen, we’re offering you a great discounted deal.

We will perform a half-price set-up of the video on your site for just $149, with promotional advertising fees starting at $350 per month. Contact our friendly team to talk about making your business a movie star.

Words: Jennifer McCarthy

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