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The Importance Of Page One Rankings

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The Importance Of Page One Rankings

As a business owner you’ve probably heard of SEO (if not, then we’d like to know if it’s comfortable underneath that rock) but have you experienced the benefits of search engine optimisation firsthand or are you still wondering what all the fuss is about?

Is boosting your organic rankings to reach the first page of Google searches worth your effort and budget? The latest figures show that this is entirely the case and natural rankings are a major factor in building brand awareness.

On average, 71.4% of searches lead to an organic click-through rate (CTR) if these unpaid listings are on page one of Google search engine rankings. ‘Click-through rate’ is the term used to described the action of internet visitors clicking onto a link to reach your commercial website.

Of this 71.4%, a considerable 67.6% are generated by the first five search results. Accordingly, these are the search results that are likely to show up first on the average-sized computer screen.

Compare these figures to the greatly diminished number of responses from the search results that are further down the search engine’s first page – with the sixth search result to the 10th accounting for just 3.8% of organic click-throughs.

Page two and three don’t even rate a mention, unless it’s to point out that if your business website appears on any page after Google’s first page, you may as well put up a signpost advertising your business in The Outback because very few people are likely to see it. The second and third pages receive just 5.6% of click-throughs between them, in case you were wondering.

The issue with organic searches landing anywhere but in the top spots is that there are a couple of factors downplaying your worth as a business.

One is that people just don’t have the time to sift through reams of online pages to find what they’re looking for. The other is that many people believe if a webpage isn’t at the top then your goods and services perhaps aren’t as credible as those that are.

This can lead to a misconception, whereby people believe your business has less to offer than the higher ranked business websites.

The team at Local Web Experts is thrilled with the results that prove our Gold Coast SEO services can help turn people’s perception around, leading to a more positive outlook for your business.

* Data by Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries

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