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SEO Services

Local Web Experts is not your ordinary SEO company. Our SEO Services help deliver new customers for your business. SEO ultimately increasese sales opportunities. We do this by utilising the right keywords to boost your search page rankings online.

SEO Services, More Than Keyword Rankings

Many businesses know they want impressive keywords rankings, but what does this mean? It’s simple: healthy keyword rankings are turned into more sales and profits for your business.

Here at LWE, our primary concern is not only to provide seo services that achieve great keyword rankings. The number one goal for the Local Web Experts SEO team is to secure more LEADS and SALES ENQUIRIES by increasing your page ranking for the best keywords and driving the right traffic to your website. We can win you the ultimate prize – the valuable ready-to-buy traffic.

Here is an example of what other SEO companies may say to you :
“We can get you to first place on Google”
“We can get you number one rankings, fast”
“We deliver more traffic to your website”.

At Local Web Experts we say, “Who cares!”
Unless those rankings and increases in traffic from your search engine marketing campaigns are delivering potential customers and sales leads to your business, they mean absolutely nothing. Having the right SEO strategy is not an overnight process. You need a reliable, specialist team that focuses on all the right areas to ensure maximum results.

Are you a local Gold Coast business? Read about our Gold Coast SEO Services.

Important Customer Insights
What is the age bracket of your customers?
What gender is your audience?
Which website pages on your site work best?
Which website pages are causing people to leave your website?
How long do potential customers spend on your website?
What is the value of a new website lead?
Which devices (mobile/tablet/desktop) are most effective at delivering leads from your website?
If this information sounds important to you and your business, this is the tip of the iceberg. You will be blown away by the monthly data and insights we provide to help you improve your business. This is all part of our SEO Service – a premium service that is unique to Local Web Experts as it has been specifically tailored in-house to gain maximum results for clients.

SEO For Business Growth

At Local Web Experts you are getting a team of local (yes, local; our office and team are based in Australia, located on the Gold Coast), SEO specialists, Digital Marketing Professionals, Marketing Psychologists, Data Analysts, Content Writers and Sales Masters, all combining skills and talent on a daily basis to ensure your business reaches the goals YOU set – not goals we set.

Our SEO Managers want to get to know your business to better understand what works for you. Common questions we ask are:

How many sales leads do you need a month?
What are the products/services you want to sell more of?
Who are your competitors? (We want to beat them for you.)
How do you currently track a website lead/enquiry?

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