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How To Build Client Trust in Your Website

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How To Build Client Trust in Your Website

You don’t have to have an Influential Marketer with thousands of followers spruiking your brand to build trust with your clients. While there are many brands out there clamouring for a connection to a heavyweight Influencer or blogger to gain traction in the Influencer Marketing arena, there are also plenty of businesses implementing best practice methods on their websites in order to engage users.

Quality, Not Quantity

Web content is key for engaging readers with your website, however it’s not the only factor that has to win over potential clients in that infamous 6 seconds. Yes, that’s right! Six seconds is all it takes for potential customers to decide whether they want to buy from you or give you the boot.

Statistics show that it takes humans 200 milliseconds to assess the colour, density and layout of a website, less than 3 seconds to ascertain whether the content, grammar and assets of the site are in order, while the next 3 seconds are used to check whether any of the links will be useful for them.

These magical 6 seconds are the make-or-break moments, whereby implementing a few tricks of the digital marketing trade can take you out of the ‘website wilderness’ wasteland and catapult you into the wonderful ‘wow-o-meter’ stage.

How To Gain Client Trust

Trust, authority and engagement are some of the most important factors of successful SEO (search engine optimisation). Here, we offer some tips on how to connect with your potential customers.

Testimonials & Reviews

Get people talking about how great you are and what an awesome experience they had with your business. Local Web Experts has access to a 5-star rating tool that can help start the conversation about why more and more clients are using your products and services. Genuine positive recommendations from experts, peers and friends of your business are invaluable to gaining trust.

LWE Co-Director Dan Horne says, “With 84 per cent of customers trusting online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, you can’t ignore the power of the people. Word of mouth sells!”

Having a comments section on your website allows real people to leave honest reviews, which is your opportunity to provide exceptional customer experiences. Attending to negative reviews immediately in a constructive, professional and helpful manner goes a long way towards building faith in your business.

Find The Right Design

Often, your website is your first point of contact with customers, so it must be professional, clean and eye-catching to prove you’re a legitimate business and not about to go bust overnight.

Quality web design helps build credibility for your business and if you’re worried about cost, imagine how much it will cost you to lose customers due to a shoddy website. The site’s navigation must be seamless and simple otherwise you’ll ultimately frustrate visitors and they’ll go elsewhere.

“Don’t be tight with your budget. A decent investment in web design now is worth countless profits to you later on,” says Horne.

Be Transparent With Business Information

Include clear contact details on your website to prove you really exist. Lay out all your contact information clearly, so people can see your street address (even if you work from home, you don’t have to include the street number) and email. Make the About Us page work for you by including informative content and attractive images. Adding staff photos and bios is a great trick for building customer confidence.

On The Case

By adding case studies to your website, you’re showing how your business has offered effective solutions to problems and helped clients with enquiries.

“Case studies are extremely effective for businesses that sell services to show how your brand has been able to deliver great results,” says Horne.

Other valuable ways to build customer trust include current social media accounts that are regularly kept up-to-date, whereby you engage with your clients on matters relating to your business or help them with theirs. Use external backlinks to grow trust through third party associations, whereby you can advertise your successful client relationships with more recognisable brands as well we verify your credentials.

On your website you can add certificates you’ve qualified for or awards you’ve won to show you’re held in high esteem by peers and monitoring bodies. Other popular hooks to consider are satisfaction guarantees or free trials.

If you’re wondering how to write brilliant, professional and engaging content, Local Web Experts can help you. Contact our team today to discuss your copywriting needs.

Words: Jennifer McCarthy 

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