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Have You Thought About Retargeting

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Have You Thought About Retargeting

Have you thought about retargeting for your business?

If you provide goods or services via a website, chances are you have an online audience of buyers and users. This is where Local Web Experts can significantly help boost your conversions. Customers who’ve not yet interacted with your business are three times* more likely to click on retargeted ads and four times more likely to convert than new customers.

Customers who have visited your website but who’ve not yet engaged with your business are 4 times more likely to click on retargeted ads

The process relies on the simplicity of being a constant reminder of your business, hence prompting visitors to revisit your website. Retargeting works by allowing your online ads to ‘follow’ visitors while they’re viewing other sites after having left your website.

With almost three out of five online buyers noticing retargeted ads from previous internet searches, retargeting is catching on. Currently, one in five marketers have implemented a retargeting budget and these figures are steadily growing.

Customers have even commented that they like being retargeted, with 25% of online shoppers saying they appreciate retargeted ads because it helps remind them of what they were looking for on the web.

B2C online businesses, such as travel, hotels, eCommerce, classifieds and deals, have already noticed the success of retargeting campaigns, therefore the concept is growing momentum in the automotive, insurance, IT and banking arenas.

Talk to the friendly, experienced staff at LWE about retargeting options for your business and commit to remaining front of mind for your customers.

* Statistics are from Wishpond

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