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Contract-Free Online Advertising That Keeps Customers Front of Mind

Local Web Experts stays one step ahead of competitors by being adaptable enough to offer contract-free deals on digital advertising.

Customers benefit from not being tied down to a campaign that isn’t meeting expectations or is no longer applicable after a corporate shift in focus.

Explaining why a no-contract system works best for customers, Local Web Experts director Dan Horne says, “It’s really simple. Our clients pay on performance.

“Every month, we have to be on our toes otherwise customers will leave us. We’re constantly striving to reach targets in order to keep customers, as well as stay abreast of the latest technology and digital products, which means the customer always benefits.”

A changing of the guard has become necessary in the digital marketing industry for a number of reasons.

Many dissatisfied customers are trapped by direct debit agreements that continue to take money regardless of the success of the campaign, which hinders both parties. Customers lose money, while the service provider loses credibility.

While outdated juggernauts Reach Local and Sensis Yellow Pages struggle to manoeuvre freely through the ever-changing online world, Local Web Experts leads the pack with its flexibility and rapid response to customer and industry demands.

“Here at Local Web Experts, we move and shake with your business,” says Horne.

“We can provide a swift response to any business or industry changes you may be experiencing. For example, if you decide to close one arm of your business to focus on another, we can implement a brand new online advertising campaign almost immediately.

“I challenge the bigger players to help their clients in such a way.”

Horne says that Google has a huge influence on the direction of the market but the bigger corporations, with multiple departments, struggle to execute fast responses to many of these updates.

He says this sluggishness is a hindrance in such cases whereby an online marketing strategy that has been providing solid results may become outdated in as little as six months.

“Changes in technology, Google algorithm updates, the introduction of new online marketing products and the impact of social media developments need to be met head on,” says Horne, “if you want a piece of the pie.”

Horne is quick to mention that despite the lack of long-term online advertising contracts at Local Web Experts, he’s proud of the many successful, ongoing client relationships he and his team have maintained for the past five years and longer, which proves they are able to successfully meet customer demands.

Talk to experienced, friendly staff about contract-free online advertising campaigns by contacting Local Web Experts to discuss your needs.

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